Year round testosterone usage

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    If you use testosterone year round is there ever a chance of impotence due to testicular atrophy even though you are still taking the test?
    Men who are impotent are prescribed test year round.

  2. I know of a fellow that got his lady pregnant about 15 weeks into a heavy test/eq cycle. I wouldn't rely on it as a method of birth control. Even if its being tested as such...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by DragonRider
    Men who are impotent are prescribed test year round.
    Thants helpful info that releives some of my anxiety

  4. I think what people are missing about the whole "Test as Birth Control" issue is that the men in the studies were often taking supraphysiological doses of test for a year or better before they were declared infertile. Last time I checked there's 52 weeks in a year not just 15 so it seems to be that the length of us is more important here than the amplitude of use.

    So if you've been on constantly for a year you've got less chance of getting the wife pregnant than if she was on the pill, if you haven't been on that long the odds increase (though I'd guess there's some effect fairly quickly).



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