Please help me set up a cycle!

  1. Deca+Superdrol cycle ?!?!

    whats up guys,

    looking at doing a cycle with what i have, wish i had some test to add but alas access is pretty slim up here so here is what i have;



    i will be taking all the candy supps as well from 2 weeks prior through PCT:
    milk thistle/saw palmetto/multi/flax and fish oil/hawthorne, etc..

    I was planning on doing 6 weeks of 200mg deca a week, cycle is straight out of "Chemical Muscle Enhancement" by L rea.

    I am 5'8" and just cut down to 170 at 8-9%
    would like to put on 15lbs

    Wondering how and IF is should incorporate the superdrol or m1t/methyl-D,

    would prefer to do everything at once instead of two different cycles cause i hate the way i feel on PCT and i want to save money on the PCT and extra stuff

    BTW:getting my blood tested next week and plan to do so again a month after PCT and this is my first cycle besides a few short M1t cycles over the last few years

  2. bump, also when is the best time after pct to get my blood work done again to test how my body reacted vs. my pre-gear test?

  3. you need to do so searching on here

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