SD,Transdermal DHEA/7oxo DHEA cycle plan

  1. SD,Transdermal DHEA/7oxo DHEA cycle plan

    I would like to get some advice on running SD with transdermal DHEA/7oxo Dhea and then right into PCT. I have ran SD once by itself with good results and good bloodwork. I have used my DHEA mix for PCT, 3 gr of both in 4oz. of Dermabolics Transport Matrix at 2 sprays in the morning and 2 at noon (100 mg combined at each application. I plan on running SD at 20 mg for 3 weeks and then the normal BP, liver supplements along with Nolva and RXT. Would you add anything? What would you run the DHEA mix at while on cycle? Would you continue the DHEA mix into PCT? Thanks in advance guys.

  2. Anybody have good ideas? Dr. D?

  3. I don't know why you want to run DHEA during cycle, I'd save it for pct.

  4. Because when Bohica ran it with SD he gained 15lbs on the first run and 18 lbs on the second. He ran it at 250 mg a day but I forget if it was transdermal or not.

  5. your 34 and only have 5-7 % bf? how often do you run and maybe you should eat more

  6. I'm an ectomorph. I lean more towards 7% right now. I run 3 days a week right now, light running. I eat 6 meals a day, roughly 3000 calories. Oh and I'm 192 right now. Are you saying it's bad to have 7% BF? I'm doing the Anarchy stack (minus the CLA because of cost) which I highly recommend to everyone for cutting up. Anyway, what about my plan?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Mach .78
    Because when Bohica ran it with SD he gained 15lbs on the first run and 18 lbs on the second. He ran it at 250 mg a day but I forget if it was transdermal or not.
    I didn't read his log, but don't you think he gained weight because of SD not DHEA?

  8. I believe he gained from both and that is why I am asking for an explanation from some of the chemists here at AM. Dhea converts to Test which I have never directly run in any cycle. People always say "Gotta have some Test in there", so that's why I'm asking for Dhea dosing for this, or if it doesn't make sense.

  9. I remember an old post where Dr. D said that 500mg DHEA could be substituted for test in a pinch. No idea the reasoning behind it though.

  10. Thanks Moyer. I'm going to give that a go then, My original plan that is.

  11. Subscribe. I want to do the same transdermal - here is hoping it goes well.

  12. Have used DHEA transdermal in PCT with success. With the shutdown orals like SD give you, running DHEA (& 7-oxo) in a transdermal sounds like a great idea. Personnally I'd include 6-oxo in there as well because I'm prone to gyno and DHEA does easily convert to estrogen. But I guess you know if you need that already, Mach .78?

  13. I ran SD and then went with Nolva 3/1.5/1.5, all support supplements and transdermal DHEA/7oxo. I started RXT on week three of PCT and had no problems at all. I will probably run straight DHEA while on and then go back to my blend of both during PCT along with RXT finishing it off. I'll also run Nolva for one week during PCT, I think.

  14. POst your results SD alone vs. SD + DHEA when you finished. Thanks

  15. Alright fellas. A certain Canes fan would like to create a DHEA/7-oxo transdermal, but is wondering where we could get DHEA powder?

    I see Custom does not have it in yet (or may not be getting it back in).

  16. D, I think I might be changing it up a little, Ok alot. I'm going to be running PP with Prostanazol and then SD. I'm not sure whether I will throw the dermal in with the SD or not now. It's hard for me to post my gains from the first run because I was carrying more water weight back then and started at 189. I got up to 198 lost 9 lbs and now I am a lean (see my cheek bones) 189 with noticable body recomp. I'm starting to up my cals but I'm throwing Cardio in to keep fat at a minimum. I expect really good things to happen here soon. I'll keep ya'll updated.

    Oh yea, Jmh. I see your looking for DHEA but you're a Canes fan so I can't help you. I'm playin, get it at Bulk.

  17. Thanks Mach. I'd rather support CNW, but if he ain't gonna get it in, I'll buy the DHEA from 1fast.

  18. Hey, No problem, and good luck with it.

  19. Sorry for posting on old thread but what is SD?

  20. SD = Superdrol.


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