Skipping a few days of injections on test E?

  1. Skipping a few days of injections on test E?

    so it turns out i need more gear than i had planned. i bought 30ml of test E thinking i would only need 20ml but ive been using a little extra than i had planned so my source is going to be able to get the gear to me a week from sunday. i only have enough gear to last me until my injection on this coming monday. is it going to be a problem skipping the thursday injection and having to wait until sunday? i know with the test E it makes it a little easier for this type of situation since its a long acting ester but it still screws with my schedule.

  2. so your injecting on monday and getting your gear on sunday, 6 days later right? If so your fine, test E has a half life of 10 days.

  3. If you just happen to have some 4AD lying around, you could whip up a t/d deal just to keep levels cool if your stuff is delayed.

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