EQ and Heart Rate

  1. EQ and Heart Rate

    I am currently in my 4th week of a 12 week cycle of EQ 400 mgs a week and transdermal 1T and 4AD cycle. The problem is the EQ is rocketing my resting heart rate to the lower 90's I am usually in the lower 70's. I also had a mini anxiety attack last night in the middle of the night. Will celery seed extract being it acts as a beta blocker help lower my heart rate? Or is there something else I can use.

  2. At your age, I wouldn't mess around with it and just stop the EQ. EQ is notorius for this and to my knowledge no "supp" will void it. Same thing happens to me and is why I don't run it anymore and I'm half your age....be smart about it.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I am going to ax it. I hate the feeling it gives me.

  4. why does eq do this?

  5. I don't know but it is worst than any eca stack I have ever done. It comes and goes. Usually at night when I am sleeping. I love the cutting effect off it and massive increase in vascularity from the increase in red blood cells. I want to compete next year in a over 40 contest and finally have my bodyfat under 10%. My natural test levels are shot as I test at or below the low range in every blood test I have had over the past year. So I am looking at getting HRT from my Dr. and supplementing it as well. Anyone know of another compound that has the cutting effects of EQ without the increase in heart rate?

  6. 1,4 andro did this to me, I hate to try the real deal it would make me nuts.

  7. Endless, sorry to hear it man, but like I said, better safe than sorry. JMO though. Honestly speaking, even test at 600-700mg/week gives me anxiety attacks when I'm sleeping. I'm seriously starting to say screw AAS anymore...I've ran my fair share and then some...the only thing that still sounds appealing to me is go on HRT if needed at an older age.

    Other than EQ, you can always use a dryer compound ie, winny, var, masteron, etc...


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