1,4 Andro: cost vs. results

  1. 1,4 Andro: cost vs. results

    Hi fellas, I'm planning on stocking up with PH powders as if it were Y2K all over again w/the likely PH ban. My question is if it's better to go with 1-Test & a moderate dose of 4-AD (Transdermal), or would I be better off with 1-Test and 1,4 Andro. My goal is to be ripped at 230, I'm currently about 300 lbs. at 27% bf. Also, is there a big difference between the 1-Test Ester and 1-Test base which Kilosports sells. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. It is a matter of personal preference that should be based from experience of how YOUR body responds to the compounds. My opinion is just that...an opinion...

    With that said, I would recommend some 4-AD regardless of type of cycle (cutting versus bulking) as the libido is not something that one should be without. I prefer 1,4 with my bulking cycles as the appetite increase is well received...not good if you use it while cutting.


  3. Agree Chemo. I like 1, 4 and its a good compound while bulking.

  4. Thanks bros, vary helpful. It's for me to stock up on 1-Test and 4-AD. Thanks for taking time to reply.

  5. If I were to stock up, it would be 1-test and 4-ad. When using 1,4 my appetite did increase, but it just doesn't seem to do much for most people other than that, from what I've read on two separate 1,4 only cycle logs (I think they were both at BB.com actually). As stated above, good for bulking though.

  6. i liked the 1,4 while cutting cause it made me vascular. If you take an eca with it , it will curb the appetite effects... 1-test is good for cutting but like chemo said you will want some 4-ad in there regardless....

    The diff between ester and base is base is used for transdermal and the ester is crap.. heehehe. Talk to ya...
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  7. Yah my next cycle 1 will use T1 pro 1,4 Andro and 3alpha for a short period for muscle hardness (I have lots of hair lol).

  8. Not for long. hehehe Talk toya
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  9. lol I knew you were going to say that. I'm not a candidate for baldness if I was I'd be bald already as I"m an old fart with a full head of hair. I'm only doing 200 a day for 4 weeks.
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  10. some say a good dose of 4AD with an anti-e is great for cutting...

  11. I'm on 1,4ad right now at 900mg a day with 4ad at 560mg a day. Gonna run that for a total of 3 weeks. Why only 3 weeks. The price and the fact that after 2 weeks, I saw and felt more results off of One+ than with androspray and 1,4ad. So for 3 weeks after the 1,4ad, I'm gonna save some money and go with the 1T- 4ad combo that worked for me before. $48 for T-1 versus $105 for the androspray-1,4ad. I can use the extra $50+ on some ground beef.

  12. Good thinkin'


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