Nasal bottle?....Fina?

  1. Question Nasal bottle?....Fina?

    I asked this on another board but did not get much feedback. I noticed on a site. They have a kit with a nasal bottle, I guess. Is this a kit for use with tren nasally or is it something else? WTF

  2. There used to be a recipe around for making a nasal spray for fina.. I remember reading over it a long long time ago
    btw, I edited your post

  3. I wasn't sure if that was a source post or not because I'm still not sure if those are kits or really aroma therapy. They say something like "works best with vanilla", had me laughing.....but then confused. Anyway, thanks for the reply. I'm still searching around, I don't frequent chat boards but this appears to be the place for people who know. Thanks

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