How long till next cycle?

  1. How long till next cycle?

    i took supedrol back in may and finished my pct in late june. I just recently started a ralox cycle to get rid of of a small case of gyno. How long should i wait until i finish this ralox until i can start another cycle of superdrol or pheraplex?

  2. i always do cycle time + pct time = time off, i know some people say then times the number by 2. or you could always just take 3 months off in between

  3. so if i take raloxfine for like 4 weeks...i should wait 4 weeks after i get off of it to start my phera-plex cycle?

  4. i ran a sd/4ad cycle for 6 weeks then a 4 week PCT, so i am waiting at least 10 before i run another cyclebut there are other thoughts about off time

  5. cool...thx for the replies

  6. Would the time off be different depending on the compounds used? for example
    a cycle of M1T/4AD PCT then followed by a superdrol cycle/PCT?


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