Methyl-D / 1-test stack

  1. Methyl-D / 1-test stack

    I recently acquired some Methyl-D and some 1-test, and was wondering what would be the best way to stack the two. I wanna start a cycle on January 1, and wanted to know what kind of dosages I should use. I have 90 1mg Methyl-D caps, and 60 110mg 1-test pills.
    Although I know the Methyl-D is real (Gaspari; good batch), i'm kindda skeptical about the 1-test. The company is premium nutrition. I've never heard of them. The formula for 1-test they give is also kindda weird
    17b-hydroxyandrost-1-ene-3-one THP ether).
    Does anyone have any experience with this company?

  2. Unbreakable
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    You really do not have enough of anything for a cycle. You will need to run at least 5-10mg/d of MD and with the 1mg caps you won't get far with only 90. Most MD cycle run 6-8 weeks.

    The 1-Test, if it is an oral ester, will still require about 3 caps a day for 20 days which isn't gonna amount to a whole lot with oral activity. Most 1-test is injected or transdermal and run at least 4 weeks TD and can be run many more.

    Also, some have found MD to be very androgenic. So combining the two would be a highly androgenic stack.

    In all honesty there is not enough product to run a cycle and the little you have will likely do no more than mess with your system.
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  3. i can get another bottle of each if necessary. would having two bottles of each be enough for one cycle? is it even worth stacking the two? or should i just run the methyl-d alone at 6-7 mg per day. i weigh 180 lbs in case dosage is weight dependant.

  4. Unbreakable
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    If you have not used MD before you will not know how you respond. So I really cannot decide for you how much to run. Some have run as high as 20mg/d day to get results. But, yes, 6 weeks is the minimum...JMOFE.

    MD is somewhat androgenic and so is 1-T. So it is potentially a bad idea to run the two, unless you know how youwill respond...or if you add an aromatizing anabolic.
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