1-test in hypocaloric state

  1. 1-test in hypocaloric state

    Im cutting for the next 8-10 weeks and Im usually able to add about 5 pounds of lean mass in addition to fat loss when I'm done but college has taken away ALOT of my mass.

    Have any of you bro's ever ran 1-test while cutting and gained above 5 pounds? I need about 15 back and I really have no desire to bulk through summer.

    Diet is 1.5g protein per pound body weight and only carbs in 2 post workout meals + fats to make up calories. (TKD).

  2. 1-test is awsome for cutting. Running 1-test with minimal amounts of 4-ad will cut body fat and gain lean muscle mass... Its what i use. Talk to ya...
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  3. 4ad didnt bloat you badly did it? I'm also very gyno-sensitive. I have gyno naturally from soy-milk when I was a child.

    What of kind of results do you usually see? Sorry for all the questions bro but I've only ever used 1-AD for dieting as a anti-catabolic for crazy ass diets I was doing

  4. Just go with 1/2 as much 4-ad as 1-test. Something around 200mg 1-test to 100mg 4-ad /day. That would be good. You will only want to run this cycle for 4 weeks though as after that gains subside substantially... If you are prone to gyno keep some nolva around just in case but i doubt you wil get any more... Hope that helps.. talk to ya...
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  5. Oh yeah you won't get any bloat from 100mg/day of 4-ad. Its enough to keep the lethargy from the 1-test at bay though.. Talk to ya...
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