Im getting gyno, and this is my attack on it... advice please...

  1. Im getting gyno, and this is my attack on it... advice please...

    I have done 2 previous cycles in my life, no issues. At all. 1-ad with 4-ad and methyl-d xtreme. PCT was 6-oxo, tribulus (spelling) no problems. Second cycle was 30 mg of emax built up to 40 mg of emax with prostozanol... I used nolvodex xt, no problems, no sides, not even bp changes.

    I am a cardiac nurse and I monitor my heartrate and bp daily upon waking up, at work, and prior to going to bed.

    This cycle Im currently on was to be my last and final cycle. Superdrol, with 4-ad, and max lmg. first week was 30 mg superdrol, 900 mg of 4-ad and 75 of max lmg. My body tolerated it fine. No problems. I feel like my body has a good tolerance. That was week one. Im 4 days into week 2. I have bumped the superdrol to 40, and the max lmg to 100. BP is fine, slightly oily skin, strength is at an all time high, pulse up about an average of 10 beats a minute today, but that could be atributed to a death of a coworker, the funeral today, and the news that another freind of mine died last night which I recieved when I came home from the funeral.

    Anyway on to the issue...
    My plan was to do week 2 at 40 superdrol and 100 at max lmg, then taper back down to 30/75 at week 3, then 20/50, maintaining 4-ad at 900, then start pct with nolvodex xt and fenugeek (spelling).

    Today I woke up and my nipples are noticably puffy. My girlfreind said something about it... but I thought it was more related to fat, as I have been eating about 2 times the carbs I usually eat. They werent sensitive. Now its about 12 hours later, and I am noticing that one is slightly sensitive, and they are more puffy. I squeezed one hard and slight liqued (clear) came out. I dont know if this is interstitial fluid being squeezed out, but I am getting nervous. I am noticing changes. And it seems like its a little worse tonight than earlier this morning. To note, I am gaining in mass because Im eating much more food, and I have really slowed down my cardio from my usual 7 mile every other day runs.

    I have some 6-oxo left over from over a year ago in a freezlock bag in the freezer and nolvodex xt for pct on hand. Tonight I took 6-oxo thinking that it will bind to free estrogen, and Im going to drop my dosage to the 30/75 dose.

    My plan is to continue with 30/75, and keep taking 6-oxo. If after 4 days the symptoms of gyno continue, I plan to drop the cycle and start on pct. I do know that liquid tamoxifen citrate is good for gyno, but I dont have any, and I am hesitant to buy it from some random websight which may or may not be legit.

    A) is this a good plan?

    B) are symptoms of gyno perminant?

    Thank you


  2. on a side note, my libido has not changed, and I notice no change in size on my testicals

  3. Some people have experienced this and didn't do a thing about it and it went away on its own. 6-oxo is a good idea although nolva would be best.

  4. Yeah next time have nolva on hand before a cycle. Especially with the doeses you are running.

  5. Always have nolva on hand, I use a low dose (25mg) ed with all my cycles to keep water down and prevent gyno since im extremely prone. Plus it makes PCT much quicker and easier.

  6. Ok thanks guys. Im going to order some nolva from a research company, and if things worsen by the time it comes in the mail, Ill use it. I dont think Ill stop the cycle because its not drastic. My nipples go from puffy to normal, and Im starting to think some of it is water.

    On top of that, Im going to do a picture of me at the end of my cycle and at the end of my pct. I wish I had a before picture. Im looking very good so far, and cant wait for the end results
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  7. I have been taking 6-oxo since I posted that thread. I take 2 pills in the morning, and in the evening. Since doing that, and upping my cardio, the gyno like symptoms are almost gone. Thank you all for your replies. Also since I was a kid, Ive had a little mass behind my nipples. I was the 220 pound kid in 7th grade.

  8. i've had the same problem come up with my cycle of methoxy-trn. at first i thought i was being peranoid but now i know that there is def. something goin on. i've had noticable change in nipple puffyness and my left nipple seems to be starting to almost cone out, with a little bit of pain. i've only been taking for about a week now and i know it is a progestin so my questions are how do i treat it? is b6 and vitrex enough to treat it? could i leave it alone and have it go away after im off? if you could give me a legitimate site to go to for obtaining something that may help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks [email protected]


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