How's TestE/Winny for a first time cycle?

  1. How's TestE/Winny for a first time cycle?

    I am in the process of setting up my first ever cycle consisting of TestE @ 500mgs/week weeks 1-10 and winny @50mg/day weeks 5-10...

    How does this sound for a beginning cycle?

    Anything you guys would do different?

    It was gonna be a lean bulker with me eating prolly 500 over maintanance, how does it sound?


  2. id run it weeks 7-12 right up until the beggining of your PCT

  3. alright sounds it'll look like this?

    weeks 1-10 Test E @ 500mg/week
    Weeks 7-12 Winny @ 50mg/day

    weeks 13-16 PCT

  4. that looks fine to me bro, good luck

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