Question about my E...max LMG cycle

  1. Question about my E...max LMG cycle

    My upcoming cycle looks like this, at this point. Any suggestions or critiques would be appreciated. I have 21 pills of superdrol left over from a previous cycle so I thought I would include them in the cycle instead of wasting them.

    Wk 1: 10 mg superdrol, 75 mg prostanazol
    Wk 2: 20 mg SD, 75 mg Pros
    Wk 3: 20 mg E...max LMG, 75 mg pros
    Wk 4: 20 mg E...max LMG, 75 mg pros
    Wk 5: 20 mg E...max LMG, 75 mg pros
    Wk 6: 20 mg E...max LMG, 75 mg pros
    Wk 7: 20 mg E...max LMG
    Wk 8: 20 mg E...max LMG

    Wk 9: 3 pills Ultra Hotter
    Wk 10: 2 pills UH
    Wk 11: 2 pills UH
    Wk 12: 1 pill UH

    PCT will include Fenugreek and CEE of some sort, and I will include liver support, hawthorne berry and celery seed during cycle.

    What do you think? Also, are you supposed take the full 75 mg dose of prostanazol at one time, or divide into 3 doses?

    A thought: should I include the prostanazol at the end of the cycle instead of at the beginning where I have it in the breakdown, stacking it with the superdrol?

    Thank you all for your responses.


  2. What's the goal of this cycle? I really don't think you need all that stuff and running 8 weeks of methyls is gona be hell on your liver. If your bulking I would run either E..Max or SD for 4 weeks and run the Prostan throughout if ya really want. divide the dose up throughout the day. I personally had much better success bulking with SD then with E..max-take it for what its worth.

  3. I'm into my first ever cycle. Using E...max and prostanozol and I love the stack. 2 things : after 3 weeks of 20mg ED E...Max, I feel I am not responding very much to it anymore. It is hard on the liver, so upping the dose to 30mg requires that you have followed an absolutely flawless liver protection plan the whole way through, although you might look at that for weeks 6 and 7 if you feel up to it. Prostanozol is something to love, although not everyone feels the same way about it. IMO, it can be run much higher than 75 mg. I'd keep it for the end of your cycle. But of course you give no info on your training/cycle experience, so take these comments with a few grains of salt.

    The way your cycle looks right now, I'd chop off the last 2 weeks and it also looks better. Then if you look at no prostanozol for the first 2 weeks, you can go with increasing dosages of that.

    But then again, that would be assuming you have flawless ancillaries and some experience. In other words, too long with the same dose of anything tends to yield decreasing results.

  4. I've done a few cycles in the past, including a superdrol cycle, 1AD etc... I have been training for 7 years and in that time have gained 60 lbs (about 45-50 lbs of that being lean mass).

    I train 5 days a week (I am a personal trainer, so since I am at a gym all day every day, I make use of it. I train one muscle group per day and rest on weekends. So far, that has been working quite well for me.)

    The purpose of the cycle is to gain as much lean mass as possible.

    I fully intend to run proper liver support throughout, however, I will take some of your advice and perhaps cut the cycle by a couple of weeks and not run the prostanazol until I start the e...max LMG.

    So the updated version of this cycle looks like this:

    Wk 1: 10 mg superdrol,
    Wk 2: 20 mg SD
    Wk 3: 20 mg E...max LMG, 75 mg pros
    Wk 4: 20 mg E...max LMG, 75 mg pros
    Wk 5: 30 mg E...max LMG, 100 mg pros
    Wk 6: 30 mg E...max LMG, 100 mg pros

    I will only up dosages if I feel like I need to.

    Any other suggestions are welcomed, and I thank you guys for sharing your knowledge.


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