First cycle...advice please

  1. First cycle...advice please

    So I'm starting to think about my first cycle. I will probably start it in Mid December unless something changes. It wll consist of homebrew prop for 10-12 weeks if all goes well (no sides), and probably an oral for the first few weeks. I do not have a reliable source, so i will be homebrewing the prop, and the oral will be one of new legal oral steroids available these days.

    1-4 Pheraplex 20mg/day
    1-12 Test Prop. 125mg/EOD OR 150mg/EOD (suggestions here?)

    I know with long esters its best to wait a couple of weeks to start pct, but I'm not sure with prop if I should wait a week or jump right into pct after week 12.

    PCT - Using nolva
    week 1 - 40mg/day
    week 2 - 40mg/day
    week 3 - 30mg/day
    week 4 - 20mg/day

    Also have some ATD around That I will probably throw in for PCT as well.

    I will be bulking, hoping to gain as much mass as possible.

  2. In my opinion I wouldnt use prop for 12 weeks. Its fast acting
    so cut it down to 8 weeks and start pct 2 days after last injection.
    Also 125-150 eod are both ok for first cycle.

  3. Well, i have found a source, so I will be changing the cycle a bit.

    1-4 Dbol starting at 30mg, possibly bumping it up to 35mg daily.
    1-12 Test E 500mg/week. Will shoot 250mg on monday and thursday.

    Same pct as before. I'm also debating throwing in EQ to make the absolute best out of my first cycle, and fresh receptors, but Im thining it would be better to see how my body responds to these compounds first and save the eq for the next cycle.

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