quiz... Superdrol and Finasteride

  1. quiz... Superdrol and Finasteride

    Im want to see what people have to say about this

    ?- Finasteride will in no way inhibit the effects of superdrol due to its chemical structure and physiological properties?

  2. Quiz?

    It's true, finasteride will in no way inhibit the effects of superdrol.

    Now do I get a prize?

  3. Yes thats correct, i just wanted to see if anybody come up with anything or any reason why the two compunds would interact with out presenting too much info.... becouse superdrol is already 5alpha reduced it doesnt work through 5a, which is what fina inhibits, it directly binds to the androgen receptor... but this also means fina cannot be used to reduce its androgenic sides ie hair loss

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