Serum Sickness vs. Test Flu

  1. Serum Sickness vs. Test Flu

    Forgive my ignorance and I did use the search feature...perhaps not as skillfully as I should have BUT...

    Is there a difference between Test Flu and Serum Sickness.

    My friend's experience is
    1 gm test per week (prop)
    75mg tren daily
    methyl masterdrol 50 mg daily

    1) feeling as if one has a fever (possibly does have low grade fever)
    2) lethargy
    3) no appetite

    If this is one or the other...what are the treatments...can he just "get through it" by using naproxen or aspirin or is this something he just needs to back off on his dosing.

  2. "Test flu" is an immune response, similar to serum sickness, but without foreign proteins as the initiator. You have to ease into a cycle. You can't start with all that stuff and expect not to hurt your immune function. High dose test is the most likely culprit here.

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