Oil based

  1. Oil based

    I just started my first cycle on monday.
    Test cyp/Deca injections and d-bol oral
    I put both test & deca in one pin 2ml.
    They are both oil based, still sore on wednesday.
    I injected in my quad, how long should this be sore for?
    Should I seperate the injections?

  2. question 1 depends.. usually a couple of days if you were moving the needle around.. second NOPE you can do them together just be careful when you are first starting injecting that much into one muscle like the quad, which is a little bit smaller than the glutes.. and btw, if you had done a search.. you would have found your answer

  3. that normal to be sore a couple days after. it happens to me on almost every shot. try shooting in the thigh next time. those are the least painful to me. a tiny bit sore for maybe a day or two.

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