A quick PCT question

  1. A quick PCT question

    hey guys, i've recently just finished my first cycle of Emax... which by the way was awesome... i started PCT sat night using RXT (3,2,2,1) Right before bed, and tribulus @ 3g/day split up, and fenugreek i'm adding next week, and cee, and Milk thistle and RyR....

    My question is: What week out of the 4 in PCT is your body most likely to lose the most gains at?

    cuz so far i know its early to tell but i haven't lost ANY strength yet and that is my main goal.... but like i said its only been two days so....

    anyway, any info or other people's experiences would be great... THANX

  2. anyone?

  3. I think you will lose the most a few weeks outside of the end of your PCT. At least thats what happens to me - keep gains through PCT, start losing them 2-3 weeks after.

  4. wow i've never heard of that before... so i take it, its not a good idea to start cutting as soon as PCT ends?

  5. you will lose most of your gains the first week of pct if its an oral that leaves your system quickly. thats when your test levels are lowest and there is no other steroid in your body to make up for it. some say sd still has its effects the first week of pct so it and injectables will be different.

  6. It was Emax by the way....

    So you're saying that in most cases, the most i'll lose will come within the first 2 weeks of PCT and by the end of PCT (meaning when all my RXT, Fenu, and Trib are gone) it will be ok to start cutting?

    Thanx man...

    One more thing: with injectable test and other injectable AAS, the gains might leave you in the later stages of PCT, is this correct in most cases?

    And either way by the whole month of PCT end it should be ok to cut?

    thanx guys alot, i appreciate this. its a whole new experience for me and im just trying to do the best job possible to keep my gains.... THANX MEN


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