For Those Who've Used Finasteride

  1. For Those Who've Used Finasteride

    Any of you experienced a decrease in libido/erections?

  2. Not much, well maybe a little bit of libido decrease - but no problems in the erection area. The libido decrease, if indeed there was one, was a lot less profound than using a PH.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Tad50
    Any of you experienced a decrease in libido/erections?
    On cycle?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by badbart
    On cycle?
    No.....when ur just using finasteride regularly to prevent genetic hairloss (off cycle).

  5. Merck says 1.8% saw this side effect at 1mg dose per day (compared to 1.3% with placebo):

    The effect was much greater at 5mg per day (which is proscar).

    Take that for what it's worth. Personally I haven't noticed any side effects myself at 1mg for 2 months.

  6. I used it on cycle so I can't answer you question.

  7. cool....thanx for the info guys

  8. I've read that in reality libido problems are far more common than Merck had reported. ALR mentions in BTPB increasing dosage and running a low dose AI could help stave off the bad sides.

  9. BTW, I cut the pills in half - 0.5mg is like 90% effective as 1.0.


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