BD Dbol Legit?

  1. BD Dbol Legit?

    Has anyone used their 10mg pills? It has the markings of BD on one side and 10 on the other, but they are probably only 5x5mm. Any idea if this size is legit?

    You don't want to post that on a public board bro---J
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  2. They are good. They should be pink.
    BD=British Dragon
    High quality stuff.

  3. bd is quality. stay away from the thai ****; those little pink pills are so often faked, especially the ones shaped into hearts and other shapes...

  4. good to hear.
    this supplier checked out as a legit wholesaler with BD, so i'm pretty confident about the quality, but you can never know for sure.

  5. BD stuff is good

    there some tabs going about with just the line on one side and no mg number on the other but these are good to



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