Superdrol and low cal diets

  1. Superdrol and low cal diets

    How low on cals can you go on SD? Since it is basically a steroid could you go below 1000 cals and preserve muscle while cutting?

  2. Why? Steroids won't keep you from losing muscle if you aren't getting in enough cals to make the body burn fat. You still gotta bring in enough food to meet your daily PTOR (protein turn over rate).

  3. I was thinking about 700 cals or so.

    Sorry but what is protein turn over rate? I am guessing the body's normal protein breakdown and replacement?

  4. lows cals and SD could give you extreme hypoglycemia and lethargy. it might work but you will probaly feel like crap. SD supposedly is potent at glycogen storage and will be trying to do that and not have the cals. i would say try another compound.

  5. 700 is low for anything I think...but if you are going to keep the cals that low I would suggest taking some cAamphbolic (sp?)....or high dose green tea since they both push the body to burn fat instead of glycogen stores and/or with only 700 cals, you are going to have some trouble as stated above, burning fat, and maintaining adequate Glycogen adding that might help


  6. i think he meant 700 cals below maintance .. at least i HOPE that's what he meant

  7. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    i think he meant 700 cals below maintance .. at least i HOPE that's what he meant
    He said below 1000, so i'm guessing he really meant just 700 cals

  8. oh well if that's the case that's a terrible idea .. your body will go into starvation mode

    you'd be MUCH better served by reading tons of posts in the fat loss section than using a steriod at this point


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