hair loss prevention while on test enth?

  1. hair loss prevention while on test enth?

    if there is anyway to prevent hairloss while im on my 14week cycle. i know there are hair loss products out there, however i do not want my gains to suffer from taking the wrong product, any help would be appreciated. i dont know if u need my cycle to help, neways here it is:

    1-4week-20-25mg d-bol
    1-12-test enan-500mg/week
    1-12 eq 400mg/week

    liquid nolva, cee, tribex, zma

    thanks guys

  2. You can take propecia, I do all the time. I have heard some people say it negates the anabolic effect of some drugs however. It also tends to lower libido somewhat, but you are gonna be shutdown pretty good anyhow on 14 weeks...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by D_town
    Better yet...

    Read here. Contains all the info on hairloss prevention you could ever wanna know.

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