to late?

  1. to late?

    I am currently taking a deca only cycle. I am four weeks in
    to it and im gettin stronger and the gains are mild. Weeks one and two i took 300mg.
    Week 3 i took 450mg's and week four i took 600mg's. I got my hands on some test en 250 and
    i also got my hands on some dbol. Is it to late to throw them in my cycle.
    Should i wait it out or could I lower my dosages on my deca and throw the test in at about
    400mgs per week and just run them both out. What do yall think about the dbol also. help is appriciated!!

  2. First, and you know I'm gonna ask...and gotta give ya flack. Why did you do this in the first place? You've been a member here since '04, so you should know better than this.... sigh...

    If it were me, I'd quit pct, do more research, and then jump back on when ready. Other options would be this:

    Drop deca to 400 run that for 9 more weeks. Run test enan at 500mg for 10 weeks. If you're already seeing gains, then just save the dbol for next time. Otherwise, you could run it at the tail end of the cycle (weeks 9-12) while you're waiting for the esters of the injects to clear...start PCT week 13.

  3. bump on the dropping it running PCT and doing a TON more research

  4. sorry guys, honesly i know my stuff as far as research. I have a few buddys down here thats took deca only cycles. They usually have pretty good gains and stuff. The reason that I didnt start the test is because there was no way i could have gotten it and i didnt plan on getting any. i just planned to do the deca cycle. Thats why i was wonderin if i could jump in and do the test now since that i have gotten ahold of it.

    There are some post on here that likes the deca only and some dont. I dunno who to believe and the reason that everyone is different is because it works for them differently. I have no sides so far and im gaining pretty good, but thanks for the replies and the critiques. i appreciate it. thanks

  5. beyond the deca only cycle which is a bad idea on its own .. you tapered UP the deca at the beginning! which makes absolutely NO sense

    please don't tell us you've done enough research because that's a lie

  6. I don't think anyone here means to be bustin on you really but man, really.....what were you thinking?! You tapered up the deca even before you had time to see if it was going to do anything. Now you are wondering about throwing more gear into the mix? STOP, do PCT, then later see what you have available and what type of cycle you can put together.

    Make a plan, follow the plan!

  7. Are you the BigWill from Bolex?


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