1-ad while dieting...

  1. 1-ad while dieting...

    I feel like a NEWB, but I guess this is where I am supposed to post this now, since the ban.

    I have been dieting for 6 weeks, and I am getting pretty lean. Would a small dose of 1ad (300 mgs) daily help with muscle preservation for my final 6 weeks? Or is it a waste? I am already taking in a ton of good fat, whey, and BCAA's but this catabolism issue is on my mind, as i start my 2 aday cardio sessions. I would do 600mgs daily as I know that would help, but I am down to one bottle.


  2. I would think something is better than nothing. depends on what you weigh, how many cycles you have done...

  3. 5'7" 170ish @ 8% now, will gwt lean real soon.

    no real cycles, as of yet, 2 or 3 PH cycles...years ago.

  4. I used 1-ad last spring and cut my cals to stay under 181 weight limit for a powerlifting comp.

    I used 600mg per day or so and really started to get ripped as I cut my carbs.

    Just be warned that the lethargy might be an issue.

    Sex drive was reduced as well.

  5. yeah I know, thanks. 600mgs is what I would LOVE to run, but...I can't.

    I have 19nor too, shall I throw that in?

  6. the nor wont hurt, except the libido. it will help you keep some muscle but wont be as lean as the 1ad.


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