How long will 1 test last?

  1. How long will 1 test last?

    In a different bottle hidden under another cup in my closet? the thing is clear so I can see the stuff and all the cum looking stuff like floated to the bottom.. How long does this stuff last?

  2. what?? have no idea what you trying to ask man. Sage

  3. Sounds like the 1-test is seperating from the mix of the transdermal.. It should be ok, just shake it up before you use it, and leave it in room temperature before you do..

  4. Originally posted by noob
    In a different bottle hidden under another cup in my closet?

  5. . Leave it at room temp for storage. it still might precipitate out but when you go to use it heat and shake and it will be fine.. Talk to ya..

  6. ok yea its that squirt kind

  7. It will probably last as long as you need it to. No one really knows cause it always gets used. It has so much ISO in it , it will be fine for a couple years I think... Talk to ya..


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