I have a lot of PHs that aren't going to be good for too much longer, and would like ideas on how best to run them. This is what I was thinking:

Weeks 1-2: LGP HydroxyTest (6ml 2x/day=1bottle)
Weeks 1-2: VPX EQ (6cc/day=1/2bottle)
Weeks 1-6: VPX Liposomal 1-Test (6cc/day)
Weeks 3-4: VPX Syngex II (4cc/2x/day=1/2bottle)
Weeks 1-4: VPX Syngex I (4cc/2x/day=1bottle)
Weeks 1-6: FinigenX Magnum (9-12cc/day)

Essentially, this would be:

Weeks 1-4: 1T/4AD/4OHT/1,4AD
Weeks 1-6: 19-NOR

I would be getting 1 "serving" of 1-Test from the Liposomal 1-T, plus 150mg from the dermal the 1st 2 weeks, then however much is in the Syngex for weeks 2-4 - the 150 from the dermal. Basically this is similar to VPX's Syngex I + Syngex II stack, only I am using other products as a substitute at times due to the need to use some exp. PHs. Syngex 1 contains 1T/4AD, and Syngex II contains 4-OHT/14ADD/19-NOR. I also have Tons of Methyls but I am not too sure about running them in place of one of the above.. I have M1,4ADD, M1T, MDHT, SD, Ergo, and more.. If there is something I should take out or could substitute for one of my methyls please let me know... It seems crazy, but it really isnt too bad..