Burn Free Cyclo 1-Test

  1. Burn Free Cyclo 1-Test

    anyone see this? 1fast is now offering this.. supposed to be a burn free Sublingual 1-test.. 

  2. I've used it with no luck, although it was difficult getting a accurate dose everytime. Also not the greatest tasting stuff to have sitting under your tongue for 5 minutes.

  3. anyone know if this is soluable in oil?

  4. Why woudl you want to put it in oil? Talk to ya..
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  5. Maybe he's going to smoke it lol
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  6. smoke oil?..injectable bunghole..u can inject cyclos i know u could do it in a suspension..1fast had 3 beta testers awhile back and not one had anything close to great results but he still released this product..and hes now carrying 4-ad cyp...iwas just curious

  7. Are you losing your sense of humour or are you actually going to inject it in your bunghole, lol I was just kidding with you no need for name calling now..
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  8. Forgot about the injectable aspect.. Not sure though.. Talk to ya
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  9. Don't even worry about injecting it. You might as well just go intra nasal. One you get 90% absorbtion and the other 100, but I would rather use nose spray a few times a day then stick myself a few times per day, which you would have to do. You are talking multiple injections per day, not really ideal, but if you'd like, I'm sure you can inject it.

  10. dream it was a joke my man..meant zero offense..well bunghole absorption would prob would but im not interested..lmao

  11. NP I thought you took my jest in the wrong way which could have happened when I looked at it again. Just wanted you to know that I meant no offence, not my style but sometimes things get misunderstood when your typing them out. It's cool don't worry about it.
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  12. I love it when everyone gets along . good job guys... Talk to ya
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  13. Yah it's just that the litlte red headed kid with the finger pisses me off hehe.
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  14. that kids awesome..lol..i would adopt him if i could..lmao

  15. lol that's exactly what my son was like untill he was like 11 now I've straightened him out and he's a real nice Kid. Got him lifting and he's an Allstar Guard. Big guy at 14 5'10" and 190. You don't need attitude when your that big. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with it anymore what a little hellcat he was. He got kicked out of school once for beating the crap out of 3 kids. I think they were as guilty as he but he took one kid flipped him upside down and cracked his head on the ice. He had a bad rep so he took the rap. He takes all his frustrations out on the grid iron now and lifting is great for aggressive kids with naturally high testostorone.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  16. 1fast had 3 beta testers awhile back and not one had anything close to great results but he still released this product

    The following is a quote from the feedback left by one of the guys. This is his account of the results over a 20 day period taking 5 servings (1.25g) per day

    Today I weighed 188 at 10.5%. My waist decreased to 31.5". My arms increased to 17.75". My quads increased to 26.625". My calves stayed the same size but appear to be bigger and harder. Based on the numbers, I gained 4 pounds of muscle and lost 6 pounds of fat in 20 days. For the amount of 1-test being so low, I thought the results were good. I'd like to see how 200-250 mg a day of cyclo 1-test would stack with other prohormones for some serious results.

  17. Here is another feedback that is listed on the site. His cycle was 4 weeks long as well.

    BW last week = 175.8lbs

    BW is up to 190.2 (friday morning weigh-in)
    BF gain is negligable, mostly water gain
    Side included (might be mental though, so take them with a grain of salt, i don't have much experience with 1-test):

  18. Here is the 3rd feedback. All of these are listed on my site as well, so feel free to read them. I just consider these results to show that the product isn't total crap. 3 out of 4 testers loved the product.

    With my weight up to 183 that translates into a 5 lb gain of lean body mass over the two week period. Considering the unusual stress that my body was under and the less than ideal diet (from my trip) I am VERY satisfied...

  19. Damn so I was the only one who didn't get anything out of it, that sucks.

  20. ok looks as if i missed a bit..yes yes i was wrong and apologize,could have sworn i read soewmthing else but oh well..but i still think 5x a day isnt worht the hassele but i can see the attraction of a oral route..think the intranasal is a better method myself no that i think of it..still think the trans is the best of both routes

  21. btw mike whats the purity level of ur 4-ad cyp

  22. mike you're a lifesaver, been waiting for someone to sell some to me by the gram

    gonna run 4-ad cyp instead of test prop to cut down on injections

    250mg/ml here i come


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