1. 1,4,6-androstatriene-3,17-dione

    6-OXO or ATD???

  2. Quote Originally Posted by BryanM
    6-OXO or ATD???

  3. very interesting then $2.85

  4. I was curious as to the ability to mix this in solution
    for dosing. Anyone had any experience on this one?
    I know it is pretty limited with regards to availability.
    And what would be the dosing for an oral solution. I
    assume the same as caps correct?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BryanM
    very interesting then $2.85

  6. Quote Originally Posted by milwood

  7. Um.. why the no no? It's like saying that you can't tell someone the cheapest place for protein powder. Perhaps you were thinking of 1,4-androstadienedione?

    ...the addition of 3,17-Dione represents ATD.

    Milwood, check 1fast under the wellness section.

  8. I just ordered 5g. I hope to put it in a liquid for an oral solution. Anyone have any ideas what might be a decent liquid to try? Anyone think olive oil or everclear might work?


  9. Anyone know the molecular weight? I'm in the same boat as you looking for the best liquid to make an oral solution for the ATD. I may try peg300 at 20mg/ml.

  10. I was thinking of trying olive oil, kinda like an sd oral.

  11. Peg works for sure

    Im sure glycerol will work as well but im wondering if straight olive oil will work well????

    someone try it already

  12. any successful liquid suspensions made so far???

  13. All I can find is PEG 200 and PEG 400. I gotta bump the last post.

  14. I've been doing some research on this for an upcoming cycle. If you are going to use Olive Oil, from what I have read something like this will work:
    1ml BA as a preservative
    1 gram Chemical
    18ml Olive Oil

    Concentration is 50mg/ml.

  15. If I wanted 25mg/ml then would I want to do something like this?

    1g ATD
    1ml BA
    38 ml OO

  16. Based on reading not actual experience, 5%BA. So that would mean:
    1gram chemical
    2ml BA
    37ml Olive Oil
    I don't know if 5%BA is absolutely necessary there could be a range. Your math works out though.


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