300mg of eq. is that enough?

  1. 300mg of eq. is that enough?

    hey guys. finalized my cycle a little while ago and am getting ready to start here in a week or two, when all of a sudden came across a little windfall and some resources and can now add a little kicker to my cycle. i was thinking eq, but am open to other suggestions. however, more than likely i will go with the eq and i can either do one or the other. 300mg a week for 10 weeks or 400mg a week for 10 weeks. the better and quicker deal is the 300 so i was wondering if 300 is a suffiecent amount to add to what i have or just a waste of time and money. also, what about adding masteron instead of hte eq? this is definatley a bulker but i've heard good things about masteron. this is the cycle

    Week 1-4 40mg dbol e.d.

    Week 1-12 625mg megatest blend

    Week 9-14 50mg winstrol e.d.

    Week 1-12 .5mg arimidex e.o.d.

    Week 5-15 500i.u. HCG every 5th day

    Week 15-18 nolvadex 80mg on day one in divided dose and then 40mg /day for a week and then 20mg/day for at least 3 more weeks.

    Week 15-18 4-5 grams trib e.d.

    also since the rest of my cycle is 12 weeks (really no way i can change that) if i do the eq, should i run it 1-10 or 3-12? thanks a lot.

  2. Personally I would go with the 400 mg

  3. masteron is worthless unless you are prepping for a contest ... it hardens you up nicely but all of that is lost once you stop taking the drug

    eq 400mg 12 weeks

  4. personly IMO EQ and DECA should not be run unless you can run them for a minimum of 12 weeks as in most cases it takes 5-6 weeks to even build up in your system.

    I believe in going with the smallest dosages you can to get results...save the high doses for later.


  5. bump to what glen said..the EQ will be better @ 400mg EW but the usual 600mg IMO is not needed for early AAS users.


  6. 300mg of EQ is practicly nothing. Considering that EQ is 40% ester that leaves you with only 180mg of actual hormone per week.

  7. more importantly than how much EQ you are using is how much time you waited since finishing PCT from last cycle. that will make a much bigger difference than 300mg versus 400mg EQ.


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