next cycle options

  1. next cycle options

    my first cycle I did test e 12 weeks 500mgs 2x a week, and dbol 30mgs 4 weeks...I got sick the last 3 weeks of the cycle and my pct didnt go as I was a little dissapointed cause I lost most of dec/jan I'll be ready for my next cycle, I figure I'll go for an 8-10 week cycle and then another 8-10 week cycle someone around June...what i'm asking for is some advice for what to do on these upcomming cycles, should I do a bulker then cutter, or will the time inbetween be too much to really establish that...I'd really like to try deca and winny and maybe tren...can you guys just give me some guidence here on what you would recommend as far as planning these two cycles, I just need some rough idea's...thaks...

  2. anyone, please just some quick suggestions...

  3. If your 1st cycle was test and dbol...

    your 2nd cycle could be test and EQ which could be either a bulker or a cutter

    annd your third could be a Lean bulk of Test, Deca, and Dbol

    There are tons of options man, just pick which AAS fits your goals best

  4. okay, I think I wanna do a lean bulk 8-12 week cycle for winter, then before summer a short 6-8 week cutter

    so maybe test/eq/deca (cause for deca you need at least 10 weeks right...?)

    then maybe for the cutter...test prop, or sustanon and maybe some anavar or dbol...

    a little more help please

  5. EQ IMO should be run even longer if not AT LEAST as long as 8 week cycle of EQ is not nearly enough...i would wait until your 3rd try to go with EQ and run it for a minimum of 12 weeks as it can take up to 6 weeks to fully build in your system.

    How about:
    1-13 Test E 250mg 2x weekly
    1-12 Deca 200mg 2x weekly
    HCG if necessary weeks 4-13 250iu 2x weekly


  6. well my first cycle was test e 12 weeks and dbol 4 weeks...the test cycle seemed too long and I got sick and I wasent happy with my gains after that, that's why I wanted to do 10 weeks max...but if you insiste I'll give it another try...

    how about the cutter cycle...thoughts...

  7. for the cutter just go with some Test and either Winny/Var

    test- 10-12 weeks
    var/winny= 8-12 weeks

  8. could I do the cutter for 6-8 weeks with what test? and winny...


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