Scheduled in Cali?

  1. Scheduled in Cali?

    I have had a hard time finding scheduled substances for california, mainly in regards to hCG. If anybody can give me a link or let me know if it is illegal tp obtain it (mailorder) here in california it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

  2. Nobody can provide you with a link from this board because it's against the rules, but there are plently of reputable international pharmacies that will ship it to you.

    You can have a very small package contain 3-4 cycles worth and even after shipping it's still very cheap.

    Also note, HCG is not a scheduled drug in California, but you do need a prescription to use it legally.

  3. I apologisz for the ambiguity of my post, i was refering to a link to find information on the scheduled drugs in california, not links to a supplier. I have just had trouble obtaining this info. thanks for the info rhino.

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