If you want to HELP out Matt/CNW!!!!

  1. If you want to HELP out Matt/CNW!!!!

    The WHITE donation button at the top of the page is to help Matt/CNW with their current problems. TheCrownedOne here at AM is handling this account.

    Any donation would be helpful as his attorney's fee's are VERY VERY High! (price of a new escalade just to take the case but you didn't hear it form me!)

    Here is the message from Matt if you didn't see it:

    "Hello all.

    First off, I want to sincerely thank everyone who has emailed and called with their concearns for me with the upmost gratitude I can offer. Thank you.

    Second, about the site and the missing products...I cant go into too much detail, but a case is being made against me for some of the products I sold.

    What does this mean to you? Basically nothing. No need to freak out about anythnig as the case is soley focused on me. Please understand this.

    Also understand as of now, CNW is open. I would like to ask for everyone's support...please, if you can help me out with a purchase, please do so...I have an initial idea of how much this will cost, and I do nt see me being able to aford to defend myself.

    To the men of faith here, please pray for me in this situation, for my strength and hope, for the hearts of those in opposition to be filled with compassion and mercy and for my family as well.

    Im still here to serve you. I would sincerely appreciate your continued support."
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  2. Bump!!!!!!

    Let's give Matt and CNW the support he deserves. With 16,000+ AM members we could do him and the cause some good.

  3. whats wrong ?? who is matt/cnw and why they are being sued ??

  4. Custom nutrition is being sued. He is a board sponsor that has been there from the beginning for us. He is a good guy. He tries to get us bulk products and powder for cheap and it has resulted in this.
    He only wanted to try and help us.
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  5. say if only half the members here are active if each one of us can donate just $10 to matt that would be over 80k which im sure would be a tremendous help to him.

  6. Matt is a good friend and I happen to know how much his representation is costing him. Anything we as a group can give would be a great help.


  7. count me in.

  8. what state is he in? I am an attorney in Texas. Also, what is the style of the case in which he has been named a defendant? Some, like me, would like to follow this case closely.

    Thanks. And Matt, I don't have PM's, I don't think. But you can try to PM me, or simply make a request of me, and I will give you my e-mail address. While I cannot represent you, and cannot advise you as to any of your legal rights/remedies as they may apply specifically to you and/or your company (d/b/a), but I can always relay to you general information which may or may not be applicable in your jurisdiction. Legalese aside, I would like to do what I can to be a "friend."


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