MAX LMG vs 1,4andro

  1. MAX LMG vs 1,4andro

    Has anyone tried both that can compare the two?

  2. Have not tried either. However, the feedback on both compounds has come back mixed as far as I can tell. As you know though everyone responds differently to various compounds. Personally, I am more interested in trying the 1,4 andro than the max lmg.

  3. I have both, so maybe I can tell you in the next year. I don't plan to use anything for a while.

  4. Well I tried the 1,4 and liked it. I thought it was good for bulking, b/c of increased appetite. Seemed like it helped counter the sides of 1-test as well. The reason I started this thread was b/c I plan on doing the same stack next spring but maybe using MAX LMG instead. I think I'ma gonna go ahead and try the max lmg in a couple weeks though, that way I'll be the question and the answer to my own thread.

  5. how much 1,4ad did you use? I figure it was oral (although some have mentioned trying this as a transdermal for a more even dosing)

  6. I have not seen much good said about the 1,4. LMG is mixed.

  7. sorry to change the subject but has anyone heard much about lmg affecting lipids mostly tou just hear about superdrol. Not even ergomax or pheraplex and it seem that it would affect them.

  8. max lmg isnt a 17aa, which means it SHOULD be milder all-around than SD or PP.

    i've used them all...1,4ad is a fun PH but watch for anxiety, for me even at 600mg/day. it's slow too, and best used as part of a stack.


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