Continuing Cycles

  1. Continuing Cycles

    hi everyone, ive just finished an 8 week deca only cycle
    of 100, 100, 200, 200, 200, 200, 100, 100, a week,
    i know......not such a good cycle, im just about to start taking clomid
    hoping that ill keep most of my gains, have gained quite a bit actually,
    worried about losing gains and my question was this..........
    would i be able to jump straight onto another cycle as i took such a weak
    dose?? or would it be better to wait for a while? if so how long? any help

  2. TIME OFF = TIME ON...
    and with you deca only cycle you are more likely to be really shutdown. I would use this off time to be doing research on what is considered to be a good cycle.

  3. Yes really think through your next cycle. If you gained anything off of that it must be your first cycle. In the future you will need something better and more thought out I feel. Take some time off eat as much food and drink your protein and get some info and plan your next cycle better.

  4. Also, you must realize that since you used Deca, that you have to wait upwards of a ****in' month to start PCT.. as that in reality is when it clears your system.

    Deca only cycle... and only 8 weeks
    =super suckie idea.
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    Damn, dude I don't know about waiting a month to start PCT! I am not sure but I dont the half life of Deca was about 10 or so days.....I would start PCT 1.5 to 2 weeks after the last shot....I would also look into some HCG to bring back your boys even quicker! What were your gains anyway as you used some small doses!

  6. Yeah dude,
    the half-life of Deca is 21 days. There is conflicting evidence for this, but if you run the PCT calculator, you'll see that it's clears even further than a month.

    Also, HCG is suppressive.. why run it during PCT?

    Most importantly, what he should take from this is that deca only cycles are garbage and that like MatthewD said, he needs to research the hell out of AAS.

  7. thanks for the advice guys,

    ive just got a few more amps, have upped to 300ml a week
    and gonna do another 2-4 weeks, balls are fine so ill push my luck
    clomid to finish.....might as well get the most out of my first cycle,
    but yeah ill do more research for the next!
    how much can you inject in one needle max?


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