Making Methenolone Enanthate (primo) 100mg/ml (w/pics)

  1. Making Methenolone Enanthate (primo) 100mg/ml (w/pics)


    2g Methenolone enanthate powder

    14.5ml Sterile oil (of your choice)

    1ml Benzyl alcohol (5% BA)

    3ml Benzyl Benzoate (15% BB)

    Syringes (20ml, 2ml, 5ml)

    Needles, 18/20G and 25G

    Sterile vials

    Whatman Filter (0.22/0.45um)

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  2. 1) I like to preheat my oil so that it is easier to draw up. Whilst it is heating up, weigh out 2g of the powder and add to empty 20ml vial.
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  3. 2) Add 1ml BA and 3ml BB to the vial, shake gently.

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  4. 3) Add 12.5ml of the oil to the mixture, leaving 2ml in the syringe to run through filter later. Mix the solution up by swirling.
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  5. 4) Heat up the oil to at least 90-100+degC, this may take up to an hour or so I find to get every last but of the crystals into solution. Swirl the oil up to see if any crystals are left.
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  6. 5) Sterile filter into fresh sterile unopened vial. Swab the sterile vial’s stopper with alcohol, put in an 18/20G needle (attach whatman filter to this), and put a 25G needle in as well to relieve pressure. Filter slowly, once done remember to filter the last 2ml to get all the hormone out.

    6) There you have it, a nice 20ml of primo! Haven’t tried it yet, but you should be able to make 200mg/ml of primo easily as well with 5/15% BA/BB.
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  7. Another great add. You are a great asset to us all dude.

  8. very nice

  9. Thanks guys

    Just tried 200mg/ml today, using the same method (keeping 5% BA, 15% BB) and it worked fine, took a good bit of heating to get in solution with BA/BB/oil, but filtered fine and stayed in solution ie. didn't crash. The 100mg/ml is painless, so hoping the 200mg/ml is as well! Makes life easier when I'm shooting 600mg pw


  10. Beutiful equipment, I must note my jealousy. Analytic scale, uh Lucky.

  11. Very Nice Job, thanks for sharing.

  12. Excellent work ! Thanks for sharing with us.


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