How does my Emax Pct look???

  1. How does my Emax Pct look???

    I am just finishing a 3-week emax cycle at 20mg/day. I cut it short because of lethargy and increased bp. Still on proliver/red yeast rice/hawthorne berry/celery seed. I'm thinking of this for pct:
    week 1: 40mg nolvadex, 25mg Rebound XT
    week 2: 30mg nolvadex, 25mg Rebound XT
    week 3: 20mg nolvadex, 50mg Rebound XT
    week 4: Rebound only 50mg


  2. Id definitely do a week of rebound at 25mg since there can be an estrogen rebound if you don't ween off it properly.

  3. so you think week four should be at 25mg? or add a week 5?

  4. week 4 at 25

    what are you taking for lipid restoration and cortisol blocking?

  5. Lean extreme for cortisol........nolva should help the lipids. thoughts???

  6. nolva's not for lipids bro....try some flax, policosanol, coq10, and red yeast rice

  7. Quote Originally Posted by lilpnz
    nolva's not for lipids bro....try some flax, policosanol, coq10, and red yeast rice
    Nolva acts as estrogen in the liver, even though it blocks the effects of estrogen in other tissues. Healthy estrogen levels are necessary for proper lipid maintenance. You'll find if you run two cycles identically but use nolva for one and an AI like Rebound for the other, the nolva person will have better lipid recovery, all other factors being equal.

  8. but its not the best for lipid reprofiling by a longshot

  9. yeah, I have been taking red yeast rice and coq10.....I'll add some flax, but I'm mostly concerned with the nolva and rebound dosages. do these look ok?

  10. yes they are fine

  11. thanks for the help!


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