Can I get some feedback on the prostate and steroid use one more time....

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  1. Thanks Nandi..

    My symptoms were burning, not only during urination, but all the time. The pain usually lasted about an hour or two and then subsided depending on what I did. My prostate was not enlarged nor did I have trouble urinating...just got infected ...

    Cipro for like 3 months or so cleared it up pretty well. It is rare now if I experience pain.

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    Wind - thanks for hooking up my account.

    I don't pretend to know anything, but I've had a couple of incidents that seemed like prostate flare-ups myself. The first time was a period of a couple of months at a time before I even heard of prohormones. The second time was while on prohormones (now).

    This is my second cycle of 200/200mg 1-test/4ad. The first time, no hint of a problem. This time I had an instantaneous spring-up of symptoms at about day 7. Symptoms include frequent urination and weak stream.
    I've always had the feeling that this was something other than prostate (now that I have medical insurance and am much more health conscious I will have it checked out).

    I noticed a correlation between the flare up and groin pain during heavy (probably too heavy because my abs are a bit out of shape) deadlifts .

    Then I found this article:

    Don't yet know what to think of this, but I thought I'd add it to the mix because it seems interesting., especially for those whose doctors find no prostate enlargement.

    The jist of the article is that (and this is just a hypothesis) prostatis symptoms may occur because of dysfunction of:
    1. Iliopsoas muscle
    2. Pectineus muscle
    3. Muscles (and nerves) surrounding the above

  3. Originally posted by windwords7

    BTW I am back on another 6 week course of antibiotics and may have to look at some other phsyical issues (a camera up my dick and into the bladder) if this does not work.
    I will be praying for your recovery, bro

  4. Hello everyone who as been so gracious to post on this thread. I want to let you know what's happening since I've seen the specialist at Oregon Health Science University.

    His first move was to put me on a new anti-biotic called Levaquin for 6 weeks. Well I've been on it for 15 days or so now and I am getting better! To think that this has been bacterial still after 9 months is amazing to me! Even more my other Urologist sent me home and said there was nothing else he could do, the bastard!

    I am nearly pain free and my frequency of urination is cut down to half of what it was or even less! I don't get up in the night anymore I just plain feel great! Hopeful the next month of meds will see total recovery. I'm considering going back on Proscar as well.

    Just wanted to let you know! I will keep you updated.


  5. Great news, Jake!

    Hope your recovery continues on the fast track.

  6. Well Ive been on the antibiotics for 3 weeks now and they are brutal on the body! Man it sucks. I started Flomax 2 days ago and it has helped A LOT!!! Nandi you were spot on there my friend. I have felt immediate relief in frequency and stream flow from taking the Flomax. I have proscar too but will wait awhile before adding another drug into the several I am taking. So I fell better over all but stomach still aches quite a bit and I'm hoping that I have not done permanant damage to my bladder like Nandi spoke of.

  7. Originally posted by ShadowJack
    Great news, Jake!

    Hope your recovery continues on the fast track.
    Thanks bro. I am now almost through my fourth week of antibiotics and feeling better each week. As I stated before I started a new drug, flomax, that had helped A TON. Hopefully in a month or two I will be completely better! Thanks for all the kind words of support over the last 10 months. It's been a long battle but I am prevailing day by day.

  8. Good to hear some positive results Jake! I wish you the best and hope that your recovery is as quick as possible with the new meds. It has been a long battle, but you will win!!

  9. Originally posted by jweave23
    Good to hear some positive results Jake! I wish you the best and hope that your recovery is as quick as possible with the new meds. It has been a long battle, but you will win!!
    Thanks Jesse!

  10. Ive been on flomax at maximum dosages for the last 2 and half weeks and I feel great! I am the best I have been in nearly 1 year and im also on day 11 of my current TNE/Deca base dermal cycle. Thanks to everyone that has helped along the way!


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