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    I am begining my 3 week SD cycle on Monday of this coming week and was wondering your opinions on a theory I have read about for Dbol and how to run extended cycles for longer than traditional recomendations.

    in brief, it proposes that by giving your liver the 'weekend off' from processing you are able to run the cyce for longer. If you want the full read its :

    Now I was wondering If the same principle could be applied for extending my 3 weeks of SD to 4 weeks?

    I have my own doubts i.e. unstable blood levels, but would like to run the extra week.

    All interpretations welcome....

  2. then just run 4 weeks...use extra milk thistle dose after cycle and extra anti-estro well as phosphatidylserine @ at least 500mg a day, flax oil, ryr, co q 10,all them goodies

  3. how does the theory stand up?

  4. looks like the AM dbol bridge theory to me and that does not work..

  5. Never heard of that is it on these boards somewhere? Would'nt mind the read.

  6. also, most have discovered that 3 weeks of SD is best for gains, then the law of diminishing returns kicks in quickly. If you do 3 of SD followed by 3-5 of something else, it works very well. Just if you choose another methyl, keep it on the low side.

  7. Most of the logs that I have followed have showed that peoples lipid levels and choesterol have took too much of a bashing to continue for a fourth week.

    I am hoping that by experimenting in this way, rather than the traditional approach that many have seem to done, i.e. 3 / 4 weeks gradually increasing dosage, by sticking to 20mg for the first three weeks with weekends off and then finally increasing the dosage in week 4 to 30 mg I am hoping to continue the gains made in the first three weeks.


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