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    Hypothetically, if I could get any type of hormone, genotropin, somatropin, hormone replacement therapy, test-based gel, and weight gain products available through a legit pharmacy by prescription, what's the best stuff (besides the usual test, deca, winstrol, and anadrol)? Keep in mind pharmacies obviously don't carry tren.

  2. Testosterone is best hands down, assuming you want to gain muscle, feel like a king, **** like a porn star, and just feel like an all around badass. Seriously, for HRT i would push my doc hard for test cyp injections 1x week. It's hard to get them to do it that often, but if you look at the half life of a cypionate ester it's so much more beneficial than the 1x month shots some docs prescribe.

  3. yo ,that's to seriously to injecting somatropin , in other mean it's the best hormon to get muscle but it's too important to use it .
    i prefer to all of my friend thet use it cerfull

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