Let acne clear before starting my cycle???

  1. Let acne clear before starting my cycle???

    I am currently using tetracycline and retin-a cream for my acne. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks (and it looks like it is clearing up a bit), and I am supposed to continue for 3 months.

    My question is: I am planning to do a cutting cycle before vacation (July 5). The cycle will be 6 weeks long. Should I start the cycle now, then hopefully the acne meds will keep most of it away. Or should I wait until closer to the date when the acne is mostly gone to do my cycle.

    My thought is this: If I end my cycle right before vacation, what will I do if the cycle causes acne? But if I start the cycle now, I would have time after the cycle to get rid of the acne before vacation.....

    (Maybe I'm biased because I just want to be on....)


  2. I would say run it now and then do your best to rid yourself of the ance before your trip... Depending on what your using for your cycle, you will still have a bit left in you after your cycle is completed (half life, etc). Trying to clear it up now might help for the time being, but you'll end up just getting it again during the cycle. Make sure you use your acne meds throughout the duration, wash frequently, etc...


  3. So you don't believe that anti-biotics is antianabolic and will hinder the effects of my orals???

    BTW: Cycle is fina, winny, T3

  4. ouch...6 weeks of fina with no test..... good luck man ... As for antibiotics hindering gains... well, I mean, look at it logically. What is more important to you..that extra pound or not having a pizza face?

  5. Yeah..... Sorry I haven't been around lately.......

    Anyway, I'm not all that concerned about my face, but my b'acne is pretty bad, so I have decided that I will wait for my full cycle...

    In the mean time, I will probably do some clen to help with the fat loss and hopefully help me keep my muscle.... I am also contemplating adding in T3 with the clen, for more fat loss... A little worried about losing muscle tho...



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