1. ECA in PCT?


    I'm finishing up a 12 week cycle of Tren 150mg/ml (BD Tri-Tren), Andropen 275mg/ml (5 blends of T), and EQ 400mg/ml all E3D (w/HCG E3D 200IU). (I'm also taking .25mg adex and bromo twice a day).

    I've gotten freaking great results, I'm in my 9th week and just started 50 mg of Winny (oral -- I've got LOTS of Milk Thistle) ED. I've heard that ECA is great with your PCT b/c ephedrine is anti-catabolic. When should I start the ECA? With my regular PCT or I was thinking maybe week 10 to finish strong and then continue for two more weeks after. I definately want the anti-catabolic effects, but also I wouldn't mind finishing trimming the midsection (I'm already pretty good -- but you know...)

    Any suggestions. I've got both Nolva and Clomid for my PCT.


  2. who ever told you ephedrine is anti-catabolic is a liar

  3. Bump.. it's not anti-catabolic... and it's not really catabolic either... It raises your metabolism, and in doing that it raises your calorie requirement.. if you don't meet those requirements you fall into a caloric deficit and you shift into a more catabolic state... same deal with clen for the most part.

  4. if you were going to add any thing i would make it lean xtreme to fight the cortisol .. don't try cutting during PCT you'll just lose a lot of muscle mass .. pct sucks don't make it harder than it already is

  5. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    who ever told you ephedrine is anti-catabolic is a liar

    probably an ephedrine product producer. "Creative marketing" in the supp industry is second to none!



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