Research / info on liver toxicity of orals

  1. Research / info on liver toxicity of orals

    As we all know, there's certain amount of risk of liver damage using oral PHs. Further, methylated orals are known to be highly toxic versus other types of orals.

    On the other hand, people say with adequate PCT, the liver is a very resilient organ and rebounds nicely from any short-term damage.

    Others say that binge-drinking can actually cause as much or more harm than a short SD cycle.

    So I'm looking for any good research, studies, or sources for digging into the liver damage issue a little deeper.

    I DID do a search for a while and all I managed to find was anecdotal or hear-say information.

    Let me know if you have any good info.



  2. Come on guys - there's gotta be some research hounds out there. Give it up!

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