How many SD caps are in a bottle?

  1. How many SD caps are in a bottle?

    Yeah, I know I sound like an idiot asking this. But I odered a 60 count bottle of SD, and the bottle it's self says, in two places, 90 caps. Did I get some secret bonus bottle or something? What gives?

  2. usually 90. havent seen the 60 ct.

  3. That's strange. At least half of the sites that sell it list it as 60 caps. I'm looking at the photo of the bottle, and it says 60 caps on the lable. However, mine is 90. Maybe one of the productions runs had a misprint on the lable.
    Oh well, no big deal.

  4. Two different count size bottles, (90cap, 60cap) are on the market for Anabolic Xtreme. They have stopped the 90 count and now sell the 60 count. The 90 cap bottles still seem to be readily available online.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    Hope they lowered the price. 1/3 less pills, 1/3 less price... but I really doubt that they did.
    i think they did.

  6. Did you count the caps? I'm curious as to how many are in there

  7. Quote Originally Posted by -2z-
    Did you count the caps? I'm curious as to how many are in there

    Label was accurate, there were 90 caps and it ran me around $50.

  8. I've seen some of the new 60 count bottles on line for about $36. $50 is about right for the 90 count nowadays.


  9. I'm saw the 60 count lower price for about a week then it went right to 54 bucks. same as what the 90's went for.


  10. I purchased my 60 count bottle at, but I saw the 90 count bottle on sale at dpsnutrition for a cheaper price after the fact. The brand of these were both anabolic xtreme superdrol. Hope this helps

  11. yeah i couldnt find the 90;s anymore but got 2 60's,

  12. when I saw it was being discontinued I ordered 3 from bulk nut., the other bottles I ordered were 90 but these were 60 @ 49.99, still worth it IMO....


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