dietary supplement help

  1. dietary supplement help

    hi everyone,
    ive just started taking "Banner protein capsules"
    which are a dietary supplement, along with my regular high protein diet
    to try to give myself a boost, just wondering if anyone has ever heard of these
    and if they are worth taking? or a waste of time? thanks....

  2. Never heard of them.....

    Do you have a link?

  3. Nevermind:

    I suppose, depending on the quantities provided, they'd be as effective, if not more effective than BCAA's. But in the recommended dosage, of which quantities are not listed, those pills can't be supplying much, (in relevant BBing amounts).

    Besides, the amino's are most likely free form and won't do you much good.

    Unless it is dirt cheap, (like almost free), I'd say skip them because you are much better off eating another bite of meat or drinking another sip of a whey shake.

  4. bump to what rhinochaser said!!!

    go for BCAA's and Whey...and of course Casein before bed

    This should be moved to the supplement forum though...shouldnt it?


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