Novedex XT plus Sleep Aid.....????

  1. Novedex XT plus Sleep Aid.....????

    Do you guys think it would be safe to take Novedex XT with like an Excedrin PM / Tylenol PM.....before going to bed???

    For example....taking Tylenol PM an hour before taking Novedex XT....


  2. There is no need to take Tylenol PM or any other PM product with a pain reliever, unless you need it of course. It will just contribute to more liver toxicity, GI problems (with excedrin), and other problems associated with them. Just take some benadryl or generic diphenhydramine instead, its the same ingredient without the pain reliever. 50 mg of it works great.

  3. i just take novedex with my last meal, so if i do need something at night i can take it

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