First Cycle

  1. First Cycle


    I did some 1AD and 1Test cycle and now I have a friend who can some AS.

    What he has is some Enanthate,Deca and some Test.I tried to read alot on AS but good sites are hard to find but must say this one is very good.

    Now my question.

    Would that be a good cycle?
    It would be a 8 week cycle.

    Thanks for any help,would be appreciated.

  2. Well I would study a bit more cause Enanthate IS test. Start here : Need some history on you to help.



  3. Thanks for the link but what I meant was would it be better to use another type of Test,then again I guess not Enanthate seems prety good.
    Sorry I didn't make my post clear,my mistake.

    Now as a first cycle do you think it would be pushing it to mix it with some Deca or should I just take the Test alone.

    Thanks for your help,if you need any more info on me just tell me want you need.

  4. Well, from all the guys I have heard from, deca/test is a good beginner cycle. But if you just decide to do a "test only" cycle then that would be alright also. "Deca only" cycle = no no
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  5. if, you are going to do a 8 week cycle then recommended doses for beginners doseages would look something like this

    test(enan)-500mgs/wk wks 1-8
    deca-400mgs/wk wks 1-8

    i would recommend running the cycle another couple weeks but thats just in favor of longer cycles 10-16 wks.BUT not recommended for a first but 10 wker would be fine.goodluck


  6. you may want to look into a faster acting ester to begin your cycle (such as a prop) because both of the compounds you have there will take 3 weeks to begin I would also look into the following : Nolvadex, Clomid, Ancillary, and Post Cycle Therapy you can probably just search this site for those words if you do not find them post again and I will direct you to them(with the mods permission)

  7. Ditch the deca for a first cycle. I would almost rather run test alone as I would deca. If you throw some dbol in there @ 30mgs ED for 4 weeks, you have a decent cycle (Bread & Butter). Like Teek said, you'd better be ready with the ancillaries.

  8. You need to read more before you even think about injecting. These are basic questions you should know blindly if your thinking of going this route.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  9. Good newbie first cycle would be plain old test enth at 500/week. I am not a fan of deca at all, even in a stack.

    Dbol to jump if you wanted, it would help, but not absolutely needed.

  10. Thanks all for your help.

    As for basic questions well,there is so much you can read but nothing is better than real life experience,that is why I asked questions.

    Your answers confirmed what I was thinking about taking Deca,I didn't want too but the guy said it was a good cycle.That is why I ask people with knowledge just to confirm.I'm not taking this lightly,I think this is an important change and I just want to be really sure I am doing it right.

    As for post cycle i have it taking care,I saw too many guys doing a cycle and not taking anything post cycle and i don't want this to happen to me.

    Thanks again,you really are the #1 site for info.

  11. i just have a quick you know this "guy" well that you are going to get these from? I mean if this guy doesn't know ****, are you sure they are even going to be real? You should try and find the lot# and maybe ask to see if ****s real.


  12. Originally posted by hamper19
    i just have a quick you know this "guy" well that you are going to get these from? I mean if this guy doesn't know ****, are you sure they are even going to be real? You should try and find the lot# and maybe ask to see if ****s real.

    Well my friend did his first cycle last year and got his stuff from this guy and he got crazy results.He did a Enanthate and Deca cycle but I wasn't convince to take Deca on my first cycle from what I read so that's why I asked the question.

    Some other guys also got their stuff from him and they all were satisfied.I'm not worried about the quality of the product since a few guys actually told me it was good and most of all my friend did it.

    The guy from whom i'm buying from is also on it (kick ass physique BTW),something about his gf getting it out from where she works.


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