Red Devil Lye ..when do you use it

  1. Red Devil Lye ..when do you use it

    I made some fina/4ad homebrew for my calves.  I'm wondering if you use the lye to raise or lower the ph level.


    Mine is on the alkaline side, and I figure I need to get it down. 




  2. I think you have the right idea. I remember reading a thread in which Chemo explains it's use. A search on 'red devil lye' will lead you to the info.

  3. yeah, i know the thread. I actually looked at it. It doesn't say whether your adjusting it up or down though. Just says add the lye to adjust the i dunno.


  4. Try pm'ing chemo he's the expert on this. Good luck.

  5. Originally posted by hamper19
    I'm wondering if you use the lye to raise or lower the ph level.
    Adding the lye (sodium hydroxide) will increase the pH level, and make the solution more alkaline.

  6. ok, thats what i thought. so what if i need to decrease it, then what.


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