Help Please . Swollen Glute

  1. Help Please . Swollen Glute

    Hey all> i have a small question. I usually inject into the glute area as its usually not a problem for me. The soarness usually only last 2 days an is minor. I usually inject 2cc at a time an never had a problem . This week i injected 2.5cc in my left glute and its been sore and swollen since friday night and today is wednesday the soarness/swollen has not gone down .There is no blood line or streaking on the skin and no rash . Now im aware i should use some heating pads and some advil to help but what could have caused this and how can i avoid it next time? Also how long till its subsides ?

    p.s. i use testosterone cypionate 200mg/ml and its from medfast compounding pharmacy (HRT)

  2. As long as there are no signs of an infection, just tough it out.

    I had a bad week of pinning last week. Trashed a glute and a delt b/c I was careless and pulled too hard (not keeping pin at 90deg)...**** just happens.

    Many things can cause that sort of thing...moving needle too much, injecting too fast, muscle just didn't "like" it for some reason...the list goes on and on.

  3. im gonna give it till friday before i really get worried, cause then it will have been a good 7 days and if its still swollen then i may have an abcess or site infection. hope not thow im into week 3 and dont wann **** up this cycle this early in the game.Plus i hate doctors so if anybody knows of any antibiotics i can get without going to the doctor let me know.

    p.s. anybody ever get any cypionate from that co.

    thanx Marc

  4. It'll bo down. Takes me about 3-5 days to go down after a bad pinning. My first ever pinning left me in horrible pain and i had a lump on my ass for probably 1.5wks.

  5. Don't worry bro, same **** happened to me recently.. I trained legs and pinned my glute right after... bingo bango swollen assland I came... for a good 5 days.. it goes away..

  6. dont worry man, like kwyckemynd00, i too had a huge lump on my ass after my first few pinnings. I think it's due to the fact that you might not have gone deep enough. Any fat on my body i carry on my ass, so since I've been using the 1.5" pins instead of the 1" for glute shots, I havent had a recurrence of any large lumps. I still have post-injection soreness for a day or 2, but nothing like those first few times. The reason being, if you inject into fat, the gear will stay in the interstitium longer due to fat's slower metabolic rate compared to muscle. This causes an inflammatory reaction so the site might feel warm as it does with an infection, but it is not.

    If you have some fat on your ass, i'd suggest doing what i did and going to a longer pin. It will ensure you goin into the gluteal muscle and not the fat.


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