Old powder

  1. Old powder

    I have some 1,4ad powder sitting round which is about 2 years old. Does anybody have any clue how potent the stuff would be comparative to fresh stuff?

  2. There's a LOT of people who'd like to know the answer to that question..myself included.

    Unfortunately, all of the banned compounds were not around long enough for anyone to do shelf-life testing. We can only guess and so far those guesses range from 1-4 years of life.

  3. kept dry and airtight it's probably good for 5 years, but I'm no expert. Might lose some potency. Somebody knows, hopefully.

  4. that reminds me I need to stop trying all this new stuff and use up my powders.

  5. I have a 4 gram bag still of SD. But ive always wondered what the best way was for weighing out the fine ass dust into grams. One of those digi scales ive used wasnt acurate up to the .01 of a gram so it was kinda hard to get it accurate. Just wondered what u guys do.



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