M1T PCT protocol with new supps?

  1. M1T PCT protocol with new supps?

    Just curious as to how one could incorporate new products such as (RXT, Ultra Hotter, Novedex XT). Into a PCT for m1t. Would you rely on just those products? Or take SERMS over them any day of the week?

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    A serm is definitely prefered to an AI in my opinion just for the possibility of estrogen rebound with an AI....you also have to remember that your cholesterol numbers might not be there best while on an AI. You may want to incorporate an AI with a Serm for the begining of your PCT (which I will try on my next PCT coming up) but end it on your SERM....I just really wish they made a legal PILL form of a SERM because the research chemicals are killing me with the taste!!!!!!!

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